The concept originated with the idea of making telecommunication network towers self-sufficient as far as their energy needs were concerned. At a height of 40-60 meters what is available in abundance is wind, which is precisely the point of inception of our innovative concept- Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) mounted atop telecommunication towers to harness Wind energy


Solution Overview

To start with, a functional solution was required for developing the concept. But with this, a few limitations were to be considered. 

  • How to overcome the static and dynamic loads acting upon the tower? 

  • How much weight can the tower withstand? What type and capacity of the wind turbine? 

  • How to control the speed of wind turbines in extreme gust events or over speed? 

  •  How to convert the generator voltage to the battery voltage? 

These are some of the many questions we dealt with before starting to work out the technical details of our concept. However, we at TriBlade are extremely pleased to announce we arrived at a working solution for our concept which is up and running NOW!

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